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I've been tagged by Jaime Reed over on her savvy blog (of which I happen to be a fan).  The rules of being tagged are simple: finish each sentence, then tag three people to do the same on their blogs.  The original sentences are on Rebecca Knight's blog, but I like the favorites-style format that Jaime came up with, so that's what I'm going with.


Favorite color: Navy
Favorite action scene in a movie: I'm waiting to see Hit-Girl in action before I answer that one.
Favorite breakfast cereal: Cheerios
Favorite toy as a kid: My Little Pony
Favorite 80’s group: Listened to classical music in the 80's.
Favorite 90’s group: Can't I pick someone from the 60's?
Craziest dream you can remember: Making out with a stoned Brad Pitt inside a Mormon temple.
Biggest fear/phobia: Me and the black widows, we have a silent war.
Left-handed or right-handed: Leftie
What’s odd about you: What isn't?  I've been strange from birth.  The bat signal is a birthmark on the back of my left hand (I ain't kiddin').  My name has no "e" (Audry).  I'm a skinny blonde who was never asked out on a date in high school (we don't always get everything we want).  I know how to program in BASIC.  My adult career has consisted mostly of inventing the jobs I want and then living off of them.
What’s cool about you: Nothing, but I wear cool sunglasses.
Red pill or blue pill: I answered this question in real life.  That's why I'm an ex-Mormon.
Cats or dogs: Horses.
What do you envy about boys: That they get to hang out with other boys . . . naked in the locker room.
What do you envy about girls: Most of them have actual social skills in public, unlike me.
What your favorite sound: Can't mention it in public.
Least favorite sound: "You're in publishing? I have this idea for a story about dentistry..."
Dream car: The Batmobile.  Every version.
Dream vacation: It probably involves a dank, eerie castle with hidden passageways.
What are you reading now: Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
Favorite mythical creature/ monster: TEAM UNICORN!
What turns you on: The switch in front.
What turns you off: The switch in back.
Favorite curse word: Puro fuckiando.
Favorite word: "The" – it starts things.
Least favorite word: The long, fancy one you looked up in the dictionary and then used incorrectly just to sound impressive.
Best invention in history: The printing press.
Dream occupation: It's not a dream.  It's what I am.  I tell stories.  Anything else is just passing time until Death knocks on the door to collect my final manuscript.
If you could go back in time and tell the 10 year-old you one thing, what would it be?:  Keep asking questions, kid.

Now, as the rules dictate I have to tag 3 people (which I will do with Twitter names), so here goes:




Y'all are it!  So tell me some stuff I don't know about you!


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